Saturday, 23 October 2010

my dreams

I always remember my teacher's keep on dreaming! 
because of our dreams can be optimistic about our ideals.
although only a minute to daydream through the imagination, 
but we have a passion to pursue our dreams.

I have many dreams that I wanted to accomplish.
I wanted to be a doctor who is very famous around
the world who can help all those who are sick with no 
strings attached just as with the teachers teach without decorations.

I wanted to be an architect who could build many houses
in this country with honor all people with my works.
but my dream is to dispatch the second highest 
of my parents to go to Hajj with me from my own hard-earned.

I also want to have many friends who always 
help me in my life right now.
I wish I could smile to people that I fear.
wish I could smile sweetly at him.


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